Our Jewellery Creation Process | Jewelry Shop - Inspirit Jewels

Creating jewellery can be a lengthy yet fascinating process. Our jewellery is made through a labour-intensive process whereby every piece of jewellery is made by hand to ensure it meets our high standards. The jewelry process consists of following steps.

1. Ideation
Our in-house designers begin the process by creating sketches of their ideas. The sketches represent the designer’s initial thoughts and are a design starting point.

2. Prototyping
Once the sketches have been approved, they are converted into three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) files. The CAD files are used to create prototypes of the jewellery.

The prototypes are used to check the jewellery's design, proportions and fit. If any changes are needed, they are made at this stage.

3. Molding
Once the prototype is approved, a rubber mould is created. The mould is used to create a wax model of the jewellery, which is used to create the final piece of jewellery. A wax tree is created by pouring hot wax into the rubber mould. The wax tree is used to create the plaster mould.

A plaster mould is created by coating the wax tree in plaster. The plaster mould is used to cast the metal jewellery. The metal jewellery is cast by pouring hot metal into the plaster mould. The plaster mould is broken to reveal the metal jewellery.

4. Pre-polishing
The metal jewellery is then pre-polished to remove any imperfections. It can be sanded, or lapped to achieve the desired finish.

5. Adding the gemstones
To add the sparkle, precious and semi-precious stones are set into the metal jewellery. Either bezel or prong settings are used, depending on the design.

6. Rhodium plating
After the beautiful setting is done, the metal jewellery is plated with rhodium to give it a lustrous finish and protect it from tarnishing.

7. The final touches
The jewellery is cleaned and inspected to ensure it meets our high standards before being. A light final polish to give out the shine is added, and then it's ready to be worn and enjoyed!